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Weight Loss Program is not only designed for overweight people but also suitable for those who are unable to exercise due to medical reasons and busy schedules.



We provide weight loss programs that will help you get a body that you will want to show off. Let us help you have confidence in yourself through our treatment.



We are committed to building and nurturing relationships, guiding you through your financial planning decisions, investing journey as you stay committed to your goals.




“I have been overweight for many years.  I began the diet on -1 November, and by 30 November I had already lost 10kgs!  It was exactly the kick start I needed because the other weight I now need to lose is much, much less intimidating!  Better yet, I travel almost constantly for work – so the weight I’ve lost included being abroad many times (and I even lost over Christmas!)”

– Paul, 10kgs down in 30 days 

Started on Size 42, currently a 36


Helen H

“ I started my journey on 02.10.2019. I lost 5kg and a total of 95cm.
To date I lost my whole 10kg and lost over 150cm overall. I went from a 38 size and now wrestling a 32/34.
I started on 83.3kg. It was a rough challenge but doable as i am an emotional eater.
Proudly standing on 73kg. My birthday goal achieved.
Never has the scale appeared with less that 82kg…never have i fitted into a 32/34…but with MLDE my life changed.
I no longer resort to eating when emotional as MLDE has such an amazing support group for more than just the diet. Its Inspiring, motivational, helpfull and its my go to place when i don’t feel positive.
Thanks to MLDE, my life has not only become healthier,but happier. 🍏”
– Helen H, no longer an emotional eater…. lost 10kg this far and is still losing!



L – lost 10kg in 30 days and she’s still losing!!!

“Well well well when you have not seen someone in like 6-8 weeks and when they see you and say wow you have lost  weight. I say how much do you think. They say 10 kg’s!

Oh yes it sure is and more cm loss though 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Started on the 14th Jan and I have lost 11.9 kg and 21cm’s to date. Super chuffed although have had a few cheat meals but then the next meal was back to healthy eating.

Water is definitely a huge plus as well.”

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Through our Ability Rehabilitation Early Return To Work (ERTW) program, we provide workers’ compensation and disability rehabilitation uniquely designed for the “industrial athlete” to help them get back to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Wellness and weight loss program

My Last Diet Ever is an internationally acclaimed diet, wellness and weight loss program (brand) that has helped thousands of people to shed excess body weight. My Last Diet Ever is a complete wellness program focused on health, diet and weight loss, we believe in empowering people in taking a proactive approach towards their health and diet following multi-diet approach.

Weight loss products

A Weight Loss Program for you

Our Weight Loss Program is to ensure that you are eating, staying, and keeping healthy by the excellent service we provide to each and every client. What makes us leaders in diet and nutritional wellness is our dedication.

Furthermore, our goal is to bridge the gap between knowing your diet and living by it, using a variety of products and packages designed to meet your needs.

Wellness and weight loss program includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health and it is not about being a slim or fit person but it is more about being the best that you can be.

Our Weight Loss Program assist you to lose weight

The company’s focus on helping people losing weight, identifying food, and improving their nutrition plan has always remained the same. We offer personalized diet plans, well-balanced eating plans, and weight loss programs as well as support.

Lifestyle Eating Programme

Let us introduce you to a journey of a new healthy lifestyle.